"Keenon, we're giving a chicken coop as a gift to the Crown Princess of Sweden – and we need you to write the birthday wish."

Yeah, that was definitely one of the weirder writing jobs I've ever had. But, there have been the more straightforward ones.

I've worked at both B2C and B2B ad agencies across two continents. On just about everything from entertainment retail to elastomeric microspheres. From whiskey to West Ham United. From cars to the cap on sulphur emissions. I've even designed my own online course about conceptual advertising.

On occasion, my work has won awards. I've also judged at the D&AD Awards a few times.

Nowadays, I'm using my marketing skills in the FinTech industry.

I'm a dual South African/Swedish citizen who lives in Stockholm – which is where that all came together so poetically with that chicken coop thing.

My CV is available upon request at keenond@gmail.com

Best regards,


Judge’s certificate

Judge’s certificate